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     Recreation is an interdisciplinary field of activity that includes voluntary and voluntary activities without any harm to nature in free and/or leisure time in order to improve the quality of life. In this definition, the use of the concept of zaman free time ”as well as“ free time tır has been done consciously. In the new studies, the fact that the efforts to improve the quality of life is evaluated not only in leisure time but also in leisure time is revealed and emphasized.

Today, people spend about a quarter of their lives in recreation activities. Recreation includes individuals who participate in free time activities of all ages and skill levels who are healthy and disabled, and depending on their tendency to live healthily, they are insignificant demand in countries with high educational levels. For this reason, there are a significant number of undergraduate and graduate programs aimed at recreation abroad and educational and research activities related to recreation have been carried out in universities for many years. psychology, sociology, social psychology, geography, human geography, business sciences (management, marketing, etc.) and recreational activities. It is clear that recreation departments are interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary.

Particularly, the desire of individuals to lead a healthy life leads them to recreation activities that allow them to relax both physically and mentally. For this reason, scientific studies on recreation in the world (therapeutic recreation), sports recreation (indoor and outdoor recreation-wellness, fitness), commercial and non-commercial recreation (recreation enterprises and non-profit public recreation areas), health tourism and medical tourism (hot springs, cure, massage, and hydrotherapy).

Recreation in our country in the last 10 years; Recreation and Sports, then Recreation in the form of training and limited research activities began to be the subject. Recreation Management departments have been added to the Recreation (Sports and Recreation) programs which started to be opened in the Schools of Sport Sciences and Technology and Schools of Physical Education and Sports.

Aims of the Recreation Department

To train qualified individuals who can be employed in sports, health and recreation organizations of both public and private sectors,
To train well-equipped recreation therapists who have sufficient knowledge and skills to work in rehabilitation centers,
To train individuals who are experts in individual health and fitness management for a healthy society,
To train leaders who are equipped to plan and manage recreation therapy activities in the integration of disabled individuals to society,
To train leading staff to plan, conduct and guide recreation activities in the field of gerentology for the elderly,
To train sports, health and recreation staff who can work in these facilities to meet the needs of private health clubs and fitness centers,
To train professional guides in the field of recreation, sports, health and nature tourism,

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Hospitality-Tourism Sector;

In sports tourism, In health tourism, Accommodation establishments, Social facilities, Recreation facilities, In nursing homes, Holiday resorts, Social services, Children recreation activities, Sports recreation activities, Socio-cultural recreation activities, Hospitality and administrative services, Animation companies, In tourism enterprises, Travel agencies,

 In the Health Sector;

In rehabilitation centers, Physical therapy centers, Oncology services, In the areas of social hospitality and service, In the Turkish Armed Forces, In SSI, Insurance companies, National and International Health Institutions, In gerontology centers,

In Education and Other Service Sectors;

Universities, In special education centers, Sports facilities, In the service delivery areas of the manufacturing sectors (industrial recreation), In local governments (municipalities), Within the General Directorate of Youth (Youth camps) and They can be employed in social facilities.

However, it is seen that recreation is considered only as a tourism activity in a limited section in our country and it is seen that recreation has not been defined and understood by the masses yet. There is an obligation to act more consciously in the promotion and understanding of the recreation area.

Mission of the Recreation Department
It is to train recreationalists to carry out national and international research and development activities in the field of recreation with its rational and scientific academic structure, and to serve the society in all areas related to recreation, in order to create a healthier society in physical, mental and social terms by enabling individuals to evaluate their spare time more consciously.

Vision of the Recreation Department
To be an exemplary department with the recreation specialists that constantly follow the developments in the world in the field of recreation, direct academic studies.


Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman KEPOĞLU
Head of Department
Tel: (232) 743 51 10 – 14101


Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman KEPOĞLU Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Özkan TÜTÜNCÜ Instructor
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat KANGALGİL Instructor
Asst. Prof. Dr. İpek AYDIN Instructor
Res. Asst. Atalay KAYA Instructor


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