Establishment of the School of Sports Sciences and Technology under the Rectorate of Dokuz Eylül University; It was decided by the Council of Ministers on 27.05.2009 in accordance with the additional 30th article of the Law.

Our School of Sports Sciences and Technology has become a Faculty of Sports Sciences in 2018.

The Faculty of Sport Sciences is a faculty offering a four-year program to design efficient systems in the field of physical education and sports, to ensure the use of developing sports technology in the field of sports, to train sports scientists and to train qualified personnel for the development and management of physical education and sports throughout the country.


Our faculty; Within the framework of Atatürk’s principles, in line with the superiority of reason and science, technological developments have been followed closely and adopted continuous development; aims to train physical education and sports teachers and coaches with a contemporary and dynamic education team that can reflect the knowledge and skills acquired through scientific means to the application within the framework of cooperation and exchange of information with other universities in the field of sports sciences and technology.


To be an institution that educates Physical Education and Sports Teachers, Trainers and conducts pioneering scientific research in the fields of Sport Sciences within the framework of contemporary teaching techniques.


  • Scientific
  • Developmental
  • Cooperation
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Activity