Faculty of Sport Sciences Quality Policy

Our faculty; is a faculty that provides all its services for education, research and development, and social responsibility in an effective, efficient and performance-oriented manner, based on a “quality-oriented” management system within the scope of national and international external evaluation criteria.

In this direction, our quality policy;

To provide modern education of international quality, which teaches to reach the truth by questioning, researching, and discussing within the framework of Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, where only reason and science are valid, away from rote learning.
To create a creative and participatory university environment where knowledge is accessed, knowledge is used and knowledge is produced in a free environment open to all kinds of thoughts and where the mind is dominant.
Democrat, enlightened young people who constantly learn to learn, ask, question, research, produce solutions rather than problems, have developed social skills, are self-confident, can make the right decisions, are rational, creative, productive, respectful of human rights, open to universal values, sensitive to society and social problems. raise.
To contribute to social development by producing knowledge and technology with university-industry cooperation.
To integrate with society by protecting national and universal cultural values.
To ensure continuous improvement and development in education, training, research, and practice.
To reach a happy society consisting of happy individuals with a “People First” oriented approach.