Our laboratory studies are carried out by D.E.U. Physiology Department.

Our laboratory allows athletes from all branches to measure and improve performance with scientifically proven methods. Through the exercise tests applied in our laboratory, individual performances of the athletes can be measured, monitored and compared with other athletes during the season. Furthermore, the motor capability that is desired to be improved by determining the training loads can be improved in the most efficient state.

The following measurements can be made in our laboratories.

Determination of body composition
Pulmonary function test
Basal metabolic rate
Aerobic power (Cardiopulmonary exercise test)
Anaerobic threshold determination
Wingate Anaerobic Power Test
Bounce tests (static, static by weight, countermovement, depth)
Speed ​​tests (with an intermediate degree between 0-100 m)
Reaction test
Agility tests (ajax shuttle, Illinois agility, 505 agility, t-test)
Fire rate test
Anaerobic capacity (running-based anaerobic sprint test)
Biochemical analyzes (GGT, Bilirubin, GOT, Creatinine, GPT, K, Hemoglobin, Urea, Cholesterol, Uric Acid, CK, Pancreatic Amylase, Glucose, Amylase, HDL Cholesterol, Alkaline Phosphatase, Triglyceride)



Health group

Yasen ECG 903 A 12-channel electrocardiography
Spirobank Spirometer
MD 300 Pulse Oximeter
Kenz Pedometer-Pedometer

Body composition group

Skinfold Caliper Skinfold Thickness Gauge
G-Tech International Height-Weight Meter
Tanita UM 073 Body Fat Percentage Meter
Langen Messstab 5003 Ultrasonic Height Meter
InBody 720 Body Composition Analyzer


Cosmed T150 Treadmill
Monark 839 E Bicycle Ergometer
Monark 824 E Bicycle Ergometer
Monark 819 E Bicycle Ergometer
Monark 894 E Peak Bike Bicycle Ergometer


Takei Physical Fitness Hand-Claw Dynamometer
Takei Physical FitnessBack-Leg Dynamometer
Takei Physical Fitness Jumpmeter

Polar watches

Polar RS 400 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar RS 800 Heart Rate Monitor
Polar S1 accelerometer
Compatible with Fitmate Pro
Wingate peak power ergometer compatible with chest band
Polar Fitwatch
Polar Xtrainer


Biocene C_Line Lactate Analyzer
YSI 1500 Sport Lactate Analyzer
Fitmate Pro O2 Analyzer
Reflotron Plus Biochemical Analyzer
Biopac MP100 Metabolic Analyzer

Measuring Aids

Q&Q Stopwatch
Protech Stopwatch
Sit-out stretch table
Leica Disto D3 Laser Meter


Swimming Pool


Indoor Court