Faculty Quality Coordinator

Faculty Quality Coordinator

Faculty Quality Coordinator
Chairman Asst. Prof. Dr. İpek AYDIN
Member Asst. Prof. Dr. Pelin AVCI
Member Res. Asst. Dr. Caner ÇETİNKAYA
Member Lecturer Sinem TOÇOĞLU
Member Bile Kaan ALTUNOĞLU
Member Özge KOL
Member Student Representative
Reporter Res. Asst. Recep Nur UZUN

Quality Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

1- Establishing the internal and external quality assurance system of the institution, in line with the strategic plan and objectives of the university, in order to evaluate and improve the quality of education and research activities and administrative services; to identify institutional indicators and to carry out the studies to be carried out in this context in line with the procedures and principles determined by the Higher Education Quality Board; presenting their work to the top management levels,

2-To carry out internal evaluation studies and prepare the annual institutional evaluation report, which includes the results of institutional evaluation and quality improvement studies.

3-To make the necessary preparations in the external evaluation process, to provide all kinds of support to the Higher Education Quality Board and external evaluation institutions,

4-To plan the necessary training and activities for the establishment and development of this culture in our faculty in parallel with the quality culture at the university.