Department of Sports Management

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      Nowadays, it is a fact that there is a great need for trained people who have done sports and know the problems of sports closely. Those who have received management education in different departments and levels related to sports in our country will be able to serve in the following areas;

  1. In the central and provincial organization of the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, in-service units suitable for education and expertise,
  2. As a manager in central and provincial organizations in public institutions and organizations,
  3. As a manager at different levels within the administrative structure of amateur and professional sports clubs,
  4. To carry out leisure time, sports organizations, arrangement and animation services in touristic hotels, motels, and enterprises of our country,
  5. In the establishment and management of private sports halls, in the organization and implementation of activities in our social life under the name of “Healthy Life”,
  6. They will be able to take part in the organization and implementation of the sports activities of any unit as a manager in private and public institutions employing more than five hundred workers and civil servants and in the relevant staff of local administrations.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BAYANSALDUZ
Head of Department
Tel: (232) 743 10 01

Prof. Dr. Mehmet BAYANSALDUZ Head of Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şenol YANAR Instructor
Asst. Prof. Dr. Tolga ŞAHİN Instructor


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