Physical Education and Sports Teaching

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Objectives of the Program
The aim of the physical education and sports teaching program is to provide a healthy and physiological development of people, to spread and popularize sports to the masses and to train qualified and contemporary trainers with the qualifications that will enable Turkish sports and athletes to succeed in international fields.

Main Courses in the Program
The duration of education in physical education and sports teaching program is 4 years. You can access the teaching plan here.

Required Qualifications
In order to enter the physical education and sports program, first of all it is necessary to be skilled in a certain branch of sports. Since people working in this field serve as trainers in a sense, being able to communicate with people well, being patient and durable are factors that increase success in this field.

Title of Graduates
                                                            Those who finish the physical education and sports program work as “Physical Education and Sports Teacher”.


Prof. Dr. Metin YAMAN
Head of Department
Tel: (232) 743 10 01 / 14200

Prof. Dr. Metin YAMAN Head of Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğbay İNAN Instructor
Asst. Prof. Dr. Pınar TATLIBAL Instructor
Lect. Dr. Celal GENÇOĞLU Instructor
Lect. Dr. Mert TUNAR Instructor
Lecturer Fırat ÖZDALYAN Instructor
Lecturer Sinem TOÇOĞLU Instructor
Lecturer Hakan ŞERİFOĞLU Instructor
Res. Asst. Dr. Merve KOCA KOSOVA Instructor
Res. Asst. Dr. Sercin KOSOVA Instructor
Res. Asst. Esra KÜRKÇÜ AKGÖNÜL Instructor


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